Project Description

Once again from Naples, I embarked on a day to the island of Capri, which it shares with its “sister”, Anacapri. Dazzling white houses, theatrical areas, alleys sometimes covered, a very Moorish appearance: this is what the capital of the island looks like to the flow of visitors who wander through the shops or invade terraces pending the departure of their boat… But as soon as one moves away from the center, on long roads lined with villas and lush gardens away from the crowds, the magic of Capri operates slowly. Accessible by a 40-minute ferry ride from the port of Beverello (or from the port of Mergellina), the island is the perfect destination for a long stay as well as for a simple excursion.

Upon arrival in Capri, I take a minibus which took me to Anacapri, where I begin my visit. This is the other half of the island of Capri, less luxurious but equally elegant. It is here that the true inhabitants of Capri live, in a more authentic atmosphere, far from the glitz a bit excessive of luxury shops of Via Camerelle.

I walk for a good hour before going to a local restaurant for lunch. As usual, this is a tourist restaurant, but the lasagna I ordered were delicious! During the meal, I saw in my guidebook that we can access a viewpoint on the top of Monte Solario by using a chairlift. Time to find the station close to the restaurant and here I am, already on the way to the top! The return ticket is 15 euros, not cheap but worth it! Once up there, I wander around the viewpoint and have plenty of opportunities to admire the stunning views. We can see other islands in the distance and the sea shines with a beautiful azure color… Who would not want to sit on a bench and stay there a couple of hours? Then I take the chairlift back down and take a bus back to Capri.

The village itself can be explored on foot by getting lost in its narrow streets, if you’re not afraid of steep slopes! I wander in the city and get almost lost… Fortunately, the horde of tourists and a few indicator signs are elements that you can follow to get where there is stuff to do or see. I finally arrived at the Punta Tragara viewpoint, from where you can admire the coast and one of the local attractions, the Faraglioni rocks that form the the best known and most spectacular view of the island.

After a tour of the neighborhood, I go back down to the port and embark on a small boat that takes tourists around the island, in order to see it from another angle. The sea air is very refreshing and the view from the boat is beautiful! We go even under one of the Faraglioni rocks I saw from the viewpoint. We also pass close to the famous Blue Grotto, but we won’t stop there. And just by seeing the number of boats filled with tourists waiting their turn to see the inside of the cave, it’s all right!

Although primarily a destination for couples, Capri and Anacapri are totally worth the trip. A true paradise where you can even stay for a day or two, but prepare quite a lot of money as hotels there are far away from being cheap… The day trip was for me the perfect amount of time required to see the island and according to its small size (10km2), one can easily visit it on foot. In short, I had such a great time in this little corner of paradise! Back at the port of Capri, I wander a bit in the streets and shops around the harbor before taking a ferry back to Naples.