Project Description

This trip to Maldives Islands was kind of my first trip outside of Europe. If I went there, it was primarily to escape the pressure of my first job and to have a nice rest. It was also an opportunity for me to see if I was made for this kind of “laying on the beach doing almost nothing the whole day” trip. Is it the case? Answer at the end of this article!

Maldives, unique in every aspect

Fihalhohi, last island of South Male and located on the southwestern edge of the atoll, is the island I chose as my destination in Maldives. The place has a stunning natural beauty with its pristine beaches surrounded by crystal clear water. It is located about 28 kilometers from Male airport and the transfer time to the hotel by speedboat is about 40 minutes.

On the island, lush natural green foliage and hundreds of shady coconut trees lining along white sandy beaches covering an area of about 80,000 square meters. Only a limited area of the island has been developed to make the stay comfortable without disturbing too much the natural surrounding beauty. For all necessary information about accommodation, meals and various activities offered on the island, have a look on the official Website by clicking here. To summarize, service was excellent, very good food and a lot of activities to do. Just be prepared to only see couples (haven’t seen any single traveler) of all age, which is hardly surprising given the fact that Maldives islands is a favorite destination for honeymooners.



My opinion about this trip

It is true: Maldives Islands fully correspond to this “postcard” image we have in mind about it, all with sunbathing on its beautiful beaches and snorkling into turquoise water, surrounded by beautiful fish. This is clearly the best choice to relax and do nothing the whole day. Otherwise, that’s pretty much it: you are on an small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, there’s not much you can do! I spent 10 days there, but towards the end I was seriously getting bored. I spent most of my time swimming along reefs because I’m not a big fan of staying on the beach all day… Staying a day reading or sleeping on a towel while sun bathing is something I am not made for, that’s for sure!

As for the resort, it is upscale and despite the fact that it was Ramadan during my stay there, the staff was very eager to help in any possible way and was always great to talk to. I realized that this kind of “passive trip” is clearly not for me, but I was nonetheless fully rested when I got back to Switzerland. No doubt that this trip has participated in the development of my passion of travel, still very active nowadays!