This article is one of my “Favorites”, a place I particularly enjoyed and which has a dedicated page on the blog.

At the heart of the hive, little bee!

Welcome to Nine Hours Capsule Hotel, a unique experience in the Land of the Rising Sun! After a very professional English-speaking welcome at the pearly white reception, one places his shoes in the lockers and join his floor via the man or woman elevator. Indeed, genders are separated here, so say goodbye to your boyfriend/girlfriend for the night, store your bag in a locker and take a good shower before discovering your bed for the night in one of many capsules, all within a truely unique atmosphere… and potentially a few snoring neighbours!

  • Unique experience, to try absolutely: clean, sanitized and secured, so spend the night in a capsule!
  • You can arrive with nothing, everything is provided to you: pajamas (yes, really), slippers, toothpaste and toothbrush, towels, etc.
  • The “Nine Hours” concept: 1 hour to shower, 7 hours to sleep and one hour to rest. No, I didn’t spend one hour in the shower, such a waste!
  • If you stay more than one night there, you will have to check-out/check-in again after every night, but you can leave your bag in a locker on the ground floor without problems during the day.
  • Claustrophobic, avoid this place! Beds’ dimension are 110cm wide, 220cm long and 110cm in height!
  • Check out at 10am, no exception.
💻   📞   075 353 7337   💤   ¥ 4,900 la nuit, ouvert 24h/24