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It’s time for a sausage

Welcome to the realm of a very special sausage: the one of Kranj which oldest recipe was written by the famous cook Katharina Prato in a book dating from 1896. In addition to celebrate its 120th anniversary in 2016, this sausage has its own annual festival celebrated every year in a different part of Slovenia. The quality of Kranj sausages and expertise inherent in their preparation have been repeatedly recognized, including at a World Food Expo in Brussels in 1932. Its name is now certified and it also has received a gold medal, a plaque and a diploma, which make it by far the best Slovenian sausage. Try it out without moderation!

  • At the heart of Ljubljana, in the old town and almost opposite the cathedral.
  • Typical Slovenian specialty that anyone should taste, it’s the perfect snack!
  • Very affordable prices (€ 3.60-5.90, respectively half sausage and whole sausage).
  • In Klobarsarnam, you’ll only find pork sausage (and a typical Slovenian dessert). If you do not like pork, go somewhere else.
  • Ditto if you are looking for a complete and balanced dish. Here, you’ll just have a snack, but don’t worry: there are many excellent restaurants nearby!
💻 📞 +386 51 605 017  ⌚ January-June : 10am-11pm / July-December : 10am-10pm  Cost: $