My name’s Kevin, a thirtyish-year-old traveller, blogging apprentice and amateurish photographer, always on the road looking for new adventures. Nothing seems to be able to quench my thirst for new discoveries and it is barely when I come back from a trip that I already plan the next one!

A travel blog which…

I’ve been travelling mostly in Europe for nearly 10 years, gathering stories, pictures and memories without sharing them on the Internet with my relatives and all globetrotters. So why such a change, you’re asking? Well, I wasn’t lacking of motivation and my surroundings who used to ask me about my trips with quite a lot of “So, when do you make a blog?” would soon help me cross the line. Being delighted to have acquired a small starting audience, I finally decided to go on so that everyone can follow the adventures of Nomadic Kevin.

… is bilingual?

Indeed! One thing that you’ve probably noticed by now are the two languages used on my blog. By default, you’re redirected to the French version, but using the “English” link on the top right corner will connect you to the English platform. The reason why I wanted to offer English content is simply due to my English speaking audience, quite larger than the French one. Moreover, English is for me the language of who travels and I wanted to create and manage a bilingual version of my blog in order to share my travels with as as many people as possible.

And how does it work?

Always the same way: I plan a trip in a more or less organized way according to the destination, get information about transportation, accommodation and activities on the Internet and once it looks good to me, I start the “booking session” all by myself and always include some unplanned days just in case. Between each trip, I go through a short term employment to replenish my bank account and that’s also when I write articles on my blog. Once I have saved enough money, you probably guessed what the next step is: I’m on the roads once again!

pictures published on this blog, after sorting and editing.
different countries visited at least once, so far mostly in Europe.
days and as many nights spent abroad while travelling.


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